Chemistry 101

Air laced with maple so thick,

It must have seeped deep inside of me

And coated my eyes 

Paper balls flying through the air and into my hair

Appear as love arrows 

Arrows gifted to me

Head turns, Hair flips

Battle stare 

A boy

Berry stains on my cheek




P.S. I was up at 3am a few days ago, I think the day I wrote my last post. I was up until 3am full of ideas. There’s a thing that happened when I was fifteen. For so long I had been trying to write one poem, the poem, that would encompass the music in the room, his smell, his voice, hands, chemistry, school… Now I realize I can write a million poems about this event. So I will. Also I feel every time I post a poem on here It makes me feel as if its done. But it’s not. I watched Olivia Gatwood’s live today and I asked, “How do you know when a poem is done?” she said “A poem is never finished just abandoned,”

All this to say that I am working on a series of poem, a story made up of multiple poems. And as I work on this one ^ I will come back and update it.

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