The Seat

The bell rings before I’m in the room 

Echoes of my steps 

In the empty halls

Tip-toe my way in and next to Ryan

Boy takes up my sight 

Head nod to Ryan, no big deal 

after all

 a seat is just a seat

My friend is here, this is her seat, Ryan says

You’re eyes bounce between us unsure 

No, its fine, I assure

Your head turns back to the front of the class and I slide in the seat behind 

It doesn’t make a difference where I sit, chemistry is not my forte 

I watch your legs bounce up and down up and down 

Your finger clicking and clicking on your pen

Half-way through 

you shoot right up 

Walk over to me

Sit next to your friend, you say

I protest

You insist

I protest 

You insist

I cave


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