Of All the Walks I’ve Walked

Of all the walks I’ve walked, tonight I pine

For Philly air to brush right through my hair

To wander through the streets without a care

To laugh in Parc under twilights bright shine

I still feel the buzz running through the air

As we moved to the beat of living free

Living new life for a few days, us three

twelve a.m, chilly breeze, resting on stairs

What I would give to feel that free, once more

hand in hand with the two that I love most

Moments frozen forever in my mind

R2L accompanied with a view

Our glasses clinked in hope we’d see more views

Tonight I’m drunk, I lie awake with the Philly Blues


P.s. Its 2am right now and I’m lying in bed thinking about Philadelphia and my time there. Now more than ever I wish I could relive it. I also wanted to try something new so I tried to put the feeling I had into a sonnet. The last line breaks the rules but who cares. I’ll definitely write more about Philly in hope to capture the magic I lived there for a few days with my two best-friends

Take care, Annette

3 thoughts on “Of All the Walks I’ve Walked”

  1. I could feel the genuine happiness you associate with Philadelphia through this sonnet. It’s a wonderful thing to feel connected to a certain place because of the memories you made there… And that is what you brought across so well with your writing. Beautiful! x


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