A Friday in Three Parts

Another abstract painting done by me. I’m aware I am not a good painter or that I even can. But I kind of like choosing an image from the poems I write and visually painting them with color and shapes.

I spend my Friday morning playing a game of “he likes me, he likes me not”

I pick apart every memory I have of us

Unable to decipher the secret message

Unable to read between the lines

Unable to pinpoint the exact moment I fell and you stood upright

I spend the evening wondering if you will be the new standard I hold all the others to

Will they all have to be die hard yankee fans like you?

Will they all have to dance the way you do?

Will they all have to be exactly like you?

I spend the night wondering if maybe you feel the same way I do, if you ever will

When you hug me when you see me and when you say goodbye, I wonder

When our eyes meet as soon as that songs begins, I wonder

When you tell me about your hopes and dreams, I wonder

By midnight I come to the same conclusion every time

Maybe my heart has grown accustomed to boys who only know how to use

Maybe my brain has grown accustomed to always finding a way out

Maybe my hands have grown accustomed to pushing away

But when I’m around you I know how to be

I’m never ready to leave, no instinct to hide

Instead of polar opposites, you’re the moon and I’m the high tide


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