signs from the universe

Do you believe in signs? As in the universe sending you signs.

Part of me does and a part of me usually thinks I read too deeply into natural occurrences.

I’ve written about my restlessness before. I know that my little problem/issue is insignificant compared to the larger fight that people are fighting. My reason for writing this is because something happened yesterday that really opened my eyes up in a way.

I work in the west village in Manhattan at a Mexican Ice-cream store, my reason for working at that specific place might be explored in a whole other blog post. Anyways, It was Wednesday, we are barely getting customers. My weekdays on the job consist of re-writing the chalk board, baking things that never get sold, and disinfecting all surfaces.

This particular day I was in the front. We have large windows and on one of the windows there is a counter, bar like area. I was slowly cleaning it hoping that as much time as possible would go by. I’m spraying and cleaning. Spraying, cleaning. I look up out into the street and in an olive jeep I see, or I think I see, someone I know. I stand there spray bottle in one hand, rag in the other just staring, and the man in the truck is staring right back. It must be him? Has to be? My gut was screaming at me to go out and say Hi, but I wasn’t even sure this person was who I thought it would be. So mid-stare I sharply turn away and the light turns green and the man in the car drives off.

Firstly let me explain why this was a coincidence or a believed sign from the universe. I have mentioned it before but I want to be a working actress. I have studied at the Stella Adler Studio and have been admitted into the 3-year conservatory at the studio. Which I am so happy and grateful about but also very anxious and honestly scared. I’ve gotten a chance to meet these new classmates over zoom. And they are all, or most, are older, college graduates, and most of them look nothing like me. I was going down a rabbit hole of doubt and insecurity and frustration. What if I wasn’t good enough? what if I couldn’t keep up?

The man I thought I saw was the program director who had first accepted me into the first program at Stella Adler. He quite literally opened up a whole world of opportunity for me, he always told me to follow my instinct and to have faith in myself. And being reminded of him, his words, the moments I’ve gotten to experience because of him, the people I’ve met and now the 3-year conservatory on a full scholarship. I am reminded to breathe and trust and have faith. All because I was reminded of him. So maybe that was a sign from the universe to just be and trust.

I think I now believe a little more in signs from the universe. And I am feeling so grateful.


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