Beach Thoughts

A week and a half ago I returned from a 5 day trip to the Hampton’s. In freezing weather the people I went with and I took a little day-trip to the beach. Here are some thoughts I typed out into the notes app on my phone:

I am reminded Love is not near when the ocean waves begin to whisper to me as I walk silently, listening alongside. 

I am envious of the sand, how it is kissed over and over by waves that can never stay but always come back; I would take a love that could never stay but always comes back.

Taken by Allen O.

I stop to caress the broken seashells that have washed upon the shore. I wonder if they miss what they once were, sad that they will only be remembered by what they were when they were whole. So maybe they’ll remember me, the lonely girl at the edge of the ocean. 


I want to ask him how he and Teresa met. 

I want him to tell me he was too scared to tell her he loved her so he never did 

I want him to tell me it didn’t matter that he never uttered a word about what he felt because years later he bumped into her on a busy street and the fear he had vanished, and the timing was right.

I want him to tell me all this but I never ask.

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