By mossy rocks down the river she lay  Beaming sky shined her hair so red   Her skin twinkled so white  The river so blue  Under bright moonlight  Ear-splitting screams heard in morning  My mother buzzed around dusting  What she could find She smoothed out creases  On birth certificates  Placed diplomas in glossed wood frames… Continue reading Proof

The Curandero and the egg

Another badly painted painting depicting the egg in glass I am two different people in English and in Spanish A distorted two way mirror Distorted glass cup The curandero down the road defined me in Spanish He rubbed the holy water dipped egg all over Even at eight years old they must have seen what… Continue reading The Curandero and the egg

Hibiscus Agua Fresca- a poem

Abstract drawing of a hibiscus flower done by me Mami says the hibiscus agua fresca tastes bitter because it has been here too long And I wonder if she thinks the same about herself She says this country does not love her and she won’t stay where she is not wanted  But I secretly think… Continue reading Hibiscus Agua Fresca- a poem