Hibiscus Agua Fresca- a poem

Abstract drawing of a hibiscus flower done by me Mami says the hibiscus agua fresca tastes bitter because it has been here too long And I wonder if she thinks the same about herself She says this country does not love her and she won’t stay where she is not wanted  But I secretly think… Continue reading Hibiscus Agua Fresca- a poem

Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts

A picture of a mural I took in Bay Ridge. I couldn't think of a title so... It's been a while since I posted something . Mostly I've been trying to gather my thoughts about what's happening in the world. I have a draft in my drafts folder with my thoughts and feelings on Black… Continue reading Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts

On The Other Side of the Bridge

The train I'm on speeds out of the tunnel and onto the Manhattan Bridge. I look out the window and the once traffic jammed road is empty, boats no longer cruising on the east river. Behind the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge the bright, warm sun is just about to set. My heart flutters and a… Continue reading On The Other Side of the Bridge

When I force my mom to watch a movie with me…

I have realized that I use movies as a form of communication. This is more true with my mom. She and I have a complicated relationship and I find that communication between us is like navigating through a minefield. So, whenever I find a movie that has any resemblance to what my mom and I… Continue reading When I force my mom to watch a movie with me…

“Don’t F*** w/Cats” and other thoughts on social media

If you haven't seen it, "Don't F*** w/Cats" is a true crime documentary series streaming on Netflix. It's about the killer of Jun Lin, Luka Magnotta. Magnotta first began his atrocious acts by filming and uploading himself murdering kittens in horrendous ways. Which all culminate sin him recording and uploading a video of himself killing… Continue reading “Don’t F*** w/Cats” and other thoughts on social media